No. Other no. Description Photo
3400227 L384 A silver badge with enamelled red Danish flag and CX monogram for King Christian X, dated 1870-1945, surmounted with crown. Issued for the 70th birthday of King Christian X of Denmark (1940). Worn by the Danes during German occupation. Made by famous silversmiths Georg Jensen. Known as The King’s Emblem Pin.

3402733–47 Embroidery Collection
3402733 L1367  Cotton diaper, 19th century.
3402734 L1368 Wool flannel, 20th century.

3402735 L1369 Basket, 19th century.

3402736 L1370/1-3 Bone needles, 19th century.

3402737 L1371 Bone spacer, 18th-19th century. One large flat spacer with ‘GMD’ engraved on handle.

3402738 L1372 Bone spacer, 18th-19th century. One small thin spacer.

3402739 L1373/1-2 Pair of shuttles, 18th-19th century.
3402740 L1374/1-6 Wool, 20th century. Six balls of fine embroidery wool (red, pink, blue and green shades).

3402741 L1375/1-2 Gold wire. Two lengths.

3402742 L1376 Needle, possibly steel.

3402743 L1377 Silk threads, 20th century. Three hanks of modern twisted cotton embroidery (yellow, gold, brown).

3402744 L1378/1-2 Linen thread, 17th-18th century. One ball of fine linen thread with large knots for embroidery and one ball of fine linen thread with small knots for embroidery.

3402745 L1379/1-3 Cotton thread, 17th-19th century. Three balls of fine stranded cotton thread.
3402746 L1380 Tufted fringe, 20th century. Short lengths of tufted fringe.

3402747 Canvas. Piece of linen canvas, with two pieces of polychrome needle-worked wool work embroidery.

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