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    Stephen Cole

      We hope you are finding the website in its current form useful and informative. We plan to add more content gradually as it becomes available, and with the help of visitors we hope it will grow and expand over time. For example we welcome visitors sending us articles written by or about Karen, and where possible we will add them to the site.

      There are several upcoming features we currently have planned, including:

      Karen’s Diaspora
      The Diaspora section will act as a hub for Karen’s former colleagues and students to find out more about each other. The idea is to show the global reach of Karen’s work and tuition, with details of where former students are based and what fields of work they went into after being taught by Karen.

      List of archive content
      Eventually we hope to be able to provide as exhaustive a list as possible of the contents of Karen’s archive, with details of where the various items within can be found.

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      • This topic was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by Stephen Cole.
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