In honour of her 90th birthday, Karen’s family commissioned the production of a short retrospective film about her life and achievements in the world of textile conservation.

Filmmaker Sharon Rapaport and oral historian Julia Statman interviewed Karen several times in late 2010 and early 2011 and the resulting footage forms the basis of the finished film. The full unedited transcripts from the interview sessions can be found on the Interviews page.

Karen Finch: A Life Journey

Filmmaker: Sharon Rapaport
Interviewer: Julia Statman
Additional filming: Josh Cohen

Thanks to the TCC and the TCC Foundation for permission to use Josh Cohen’s footage.

Thanks to the BBC for use of Nationwide programme filmed in 1979.

Interviews with friends and family

Jenny Fitzgerald‐Bond
Peggy Metaxas
Karen Horton
Jake Cohen
Josh Cohen
Alan Cohen
Katrina Finch

Video thumbnail shows Karen visiting the Textile Conversation Centre in Winchester in 2008, surrounded by students and former colleagues.

Footage from BBC Nationwide provided by Getty Images