Karen believed in creating strong links between all the people involved in her work – nationally and internationally. For her, the sharing of information was not just a nice extra – it was essential for reaching the highest possible level of knowledge and understanding. Respect and affection for one’s colleagues was an intrinsic part of her worldview.

Many of the people who contributed to the present cornucopia of textile studies are now no longer with us, but they are still part of Karen’s diaspora. We will be remembering them in this section.

We also want to include all the people who were taught by Karen, in the early days as well as when she was Director of the TCC. We would welcome any comments they have to make on the forum and as well to write about their lives. Additionally we welcome everyone from the UK and throughout the world who came into contact with Karen – either physically or via a connection to her realm of work – to add their voice to the website.

The map below shows the global reach of Karen’s teaching at the Textile Conservation Centre. During her time at the TCC Karen taught students from each of the countries coloured green on the map. You can use the filters to show students from one particular country or course, and use the search box to find a specific student.